It will scrutinize your gestures!: Meta (Facebook) patents reveal how it wants to make money in the metaverse

It will scrutinize your gestures!: Meta (Facebook) patents reveal how it wants to make money in the metaverse

It will scrutinize your gestures!: Meta (Facebook) patents reveal how it wants to make money in the metaverse For DailyBitcoin Editor

An investigation done by Financial Times reveals that, among other things, Goal hopes to detail small human expressions to create a virtual world of personalized ads. What about privacy?


Undoubtedly, Facebook he goes all out to conquer the metaverse and earn income from it. Already in October 2021 announced the change of brand name to Goal, to create and expand further in this digital universe. The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in an interview with The Verge said at the time:

We wanted to have a new brand identity that is directionally aligned with the vision of the future that we are working on.

And on that path they have continued to promote project after project. An investigation done by Financial Times reveals it. After reviewing hundreds of patent applications (some already granted) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, found that Goal it looks for ways to collect very precise biometric data from users to build its metaverse.

But -and here the medium makes an emphasis- the patents indicate that Goal is working with hyper-targeted advertising and sponsored content, in order to earn money from the metaverse.

Among the patents, there are proposals for a “virtual store” where users can buy digital products or items that correspond to real-world products that have been sponsored by brands, says the outlet.

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Clarifies that patents do not mean that Goal will definitely build the proposed technologies, but they offer a clearer idea of ​​how the company intends to bring its immersive world to life.

Meta Patents

The medium continues to reveal that some of the patents are related to the eye tracking technology and face movements, collected in a headset via tiny cameras or sensors, which can be used to enhance a user’s virtual or augmented reality experience.

Especially noteworthy is a patent for Goal, awarded on January 4, which establishes a system to track a user’s facial expressions through a headset that is then “will adapt media content” based on those responses. That is to say: even more targeted advertising than the current one (given that these movements of the face are involuntary).

Likewise, FT points out that there is a patent for a “portable magnetic sensor system which is placed around the torso for “body posture tracking”. He explains that the patent includes sketches of a user wearing the device but appearing in virtual reality as a soldier, complete with sword and armor.

More patents

In addition, another patent Goal investigated by FT proposes a “avatar customization engine” which can create three-dimensional avatars based on a user’s photos, using tools including the so-called skin replicator. According to what is suggested, it would be 3D replicas of people, places and things practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

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And there is more. Research FT found another patent that explores how to present users with personalized advertising in augmented reality, based on age, gender, interest and their interaction in social networks (number of “likes”, for example).

The idea that emerges is that Goal it wants that entry into the world of the metaverse, and its associated advertising, to be as personalized as possible. However, it seems that the company remains absolutely uninterested in protecting people’s privacy (as it has been criticized countless times). Quite the contrary. In his projects there is less and less private life. Even the slightest movement of your eyes will be recorded.

Read the full original article at Financial Times.

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