ITALY | Mancini: “This match is the end of a cycle”

Mancini: "Este partido es el final de un ciclo"

Are changing times for italy, which tomorrow faces Argentina at Wembley, at 8:45 p.m. (Spanish time). A match, the Finalissima, which will measure the champion of the European Championship and the America’s Cup, but which will also serve as farewell for players like Giorgio Chiellini.

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Regards: “It’s a great pleasure to be here. It’s a fantastic stadium (Wembley).”

about the match: “It’s a classic of world football. It’s going to be a fun game, very exciting. We’re missing some players, but we’re going to have a great game.”

The losses of Italy and the substitutes: “Like I said, I’m sorry I don’t have Verratti, Chiesa, Immobile… Argentina is a great team, but so are we.”

On the style of Italy, and if it is a favorite: “I think that if a team is very good, they will take the initiative and win, but there are many ways to win. That is the beauty of football. If a team dictates the pace of the game, they have a better chance of winning.”

Changes in the future of Italy: “Tomorrow is the end of a cycle but this does not mean that 15 or 20 players are going to disappear. After tomorrow new players are going to enter who we need to show their value. They are 21 of 26 players who were in the European Championship. No we have a lot of chances for change. It makes us understand that the Nations League will be a test, but we also have a problem with the ranking.”

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A message for Aguero: “I send Sergio a big hug. I signed him for City a few years ago, I know him very well. I’m sorry for what happened to him… he’s been one of the best strikers and I’m very sorry. selection with many players of a very high technical level and I am curious to know what will happen”.

Italy’s strategy for the future: “We have to select the players with the necessary quality to enjoy. Then we have the youngsters, who have to be supported in another way because they need it. I think it’s important and I want to see if we can rebuild the team in a short time, because there is never much time in football. We want to work for the future”.

How do you see Messi: “I think he’s one of the best in the world. We lived with Maradona for many years and Messi is like him. He hasn’t scored many goals this year because he changed teams and didn’t have much time to improve.”

About tomorrow’s tribute to Maradona: “As I said before, I had the fortune to play with Maradona for several years. It was an honor, especially for the Neapolitans.”

Insigne: “I don’t think this is the moment to leave the Italian national team”

Italy is going through a transitionas the coach, Roberto Mancini, has recognised, but some players still have pending accounts. One of them is Lorenzo Insigne, who will go to the American MLS to play for Toronto FC, but who wants to continue playing for the national team azzurra. He has spoken about this, along with Leonardo Bonucci, at the press conference prior to the Finalissima.

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Wembley and leave the selection: “This stadium brings us great memories, we hope to give our fans another great night. I don’t think it’s time to leave the national team, even at the other end I will be available. Tomorrow’s game will be important, we want to start again.”

Insigne on Maradona: “I have Maradona tattooed on my skin, he gave Napoli so much. Now I want to lift this trophy, as a Neapolitan I will always be grateful to Diego.”

Bonucci: “The World Cup is our fault”

Not qualifying for the World Cup: “The fault of not qualifying for the World Cup is ours, we needed very little to get there. Tomorrow two winning teams will face each other and we want to put on a show. I still think about the goal at Wembley, which allowed us to go to penalties”.

Chiellini: “It is fair that we enjoy this last game with him, he has been a great teammate. From Chiellini I learned the ability to process difficult situations in a short time, but I am much more optimistic. Now I will pick up the baton, I will try to iron out the defects that I carry with me character, in which I am different from Giorgio”.


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