Italy, the rival for Bellerin

Fiorentina, Roma y ahora Juventus han sonado para sacar al lateral catalán del Arsenal Héctor Bellerín. Pero él lo ha tenido claro hasta ahora: quiere volver a Heliópolis.

Although it is time for offers and many of the rumors that appear in the press about transfers are caused by the wishes of the clubs, agents and even players, the reality is that Hector Bellerin keeps Dream in the last days for Italy teams. First it was the Fiorentinaafter the Rome of Mourinho and yesterday even related to the Catalan side with the powerful Juventus.

Photo by Hector Bellerin

The Arsenal does not have Hectorjust like last year, but he doesn’t want to have to pay for part of the season that, salary very important, he still has left in the Emirates. More of three million euros net, too much for most of the interested parties, including Betis himself. The Verdiblanco club does not have money right now to face a transfer, that is why it will amass the signing of Bellerín over a slow fire.

Shield/Flag Betis

“hice an effort to come here and I am willing to make any effort to keep it going being my home, Because I’m happy. It’s a shame to leave Betis, but I don’t know how long it will be“, affirmed the soccer player to the official media of the club before going on vacation. It is clear what his initial intentions. But if they don’t free up enough economic space in Heliopolis and Italy continues to squeeze, Bellerin’s initial plans would have to change.


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