Italy: The unusual injury that sent Damsgaard to the hospital

La insólita lesión que mandó a Damsgaard al hospital

Mikkel Damsgaard was one of Denmark’s great sensations at the European Championship. He filled the void during the tournament left in the Danish team by the absence of Eriksen after his heart attack in the middle of the match. Damsgaard put the team behind him, despite his 21 years, and led the Nordic team to the semifinals. A tournament that raised the name of the far left to the top of the agendas of the great European clubs. But once he didn’t come out of Serie A in the summer, Damsgaard vanished. The Dane has been in the dry dock for six months with the Sampdoria shirt.

Photo by Mikkel Damsgaard

Usual in eleven the samp, since the fall he has been suffering from various problems that did not allow him to enjoy himself on the grass. A real ordeal that began in the month of October. What at first was a muscle injury in the thigh turned into something more serious that led to Damsgaard’s admission to hospital. In November he had to undergo a small operation on his right knee to clean the joint since the omens did not look good for the young footballer. After much hesitation they found the condition. He suffered from an aggressive form of arthritis that was not improving in any way. Numerous traumatologists had to be consulted until a small solution was found with a series of new treatments. Some light at the end of the tunnel.

Italy: The unusual injury that sent Damsgaard to the hospital

27 games later Damsgaard managed to feel like a footballer again and play a few minutes of play last Saturday. There were four in his team’s defeat against Salernitana (1-2), which tasted like glory to the winger. “It’s nice to be back. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve been sick, in the hospital. It’s been hard, but I’ve gotten through it They gave me the right medicine, I’m working hard, I want to do what I love and that’s playing football,” Damsgaard explained. A declaration of intent for the promising footballer who now faces the challenge of being called up for Denmark’s commitments in June in the Nations League (France, Austria and Croatia). The best way to put an end to a disastrous 2021-2022 campaign.


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