it’s already the rupture, but where is it left?

MacBook Pro M2

The MacBook Pro 13″ M2 was announced two weeks ago, on June 6, during the opening keynote of WWDC 2022. It is, with the MacBook Air, the first Apple computer to integrate the new Apple silicon chip, M2, therefore. If Apple had initially given as the release window the month of July, it is finally with a little advance that the machine entered the shelves at the Californian. Indeed, since last Friday 2 p.m., the beast is available for pre-order.

On the other hand, and as expected, stocks melted like snow in the sun. It’s hard to say whether this is the consequence of the great success of the computer or of the great supply difficulties of the moment in the tech field. Still, if you want to have the machine in your hands and you haven’t placed an order yet, you’ll have to be patient. Indeed, the Apple site already displays extended delivery times, depending on the configuration, while several third-party resellers no longer even have stocks. Let’s take this opportunity to take stock of the merchants who can still deliver a MacBook Pro 13″ M2 to you in a reasonable time.

MacBook Pro 13″ M2 256 GB at the best price Base price: €1,599

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MacBook Pro 13″ M2: where is it left at this stage?

At Apple:

Online, the 13″ M2 MacBook Pro is available in Space Gray or Silver for, apparently, delivery in just a few days if you settle for 8GB of RAM. The delay does not change by changing the amount of disk space.

In fact, it is by changing the amount of RAM that we see the delivery time increase:

  • 16 GB of RAM, regardless of disk space: 4 to 6 days of delivery
  • 24 GB of RAM, regardless of disk space: 5 to 6 weeks of delivery

In short, if you are looking to acquire a machine with maximum RAM, do not expect delivery before the last week of July.

From third-party resellers:

  • Cdiscount : There are apparently 13″ M2 MacBook Pros available in Space Gray and Silver, with 8 GB of RAM and in 256 and 512 GB versions, which can be delivered from June 24
  • Darty : as at Cdiscount, the delivery is well indicated for next June 24for the same configurations, 8 GB RAM + 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM + 512 GB SSD
  • Baker : Boulanger announces delivery to you from Saturday June 25for the same configurations as at Cdiscount and Darty
  • Fnac : at La Fnac, the computer is indicated as available from June 24, not sure however that this guarantees fast delivery
  • Amazon : the machine is on Amazon purely and simply indicated “out of stock (temporarily).” And this, regardless of the finish and the amount of disk space
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Do not hesitate to tell us if you ordered a MacBook Pro 13″ M2, on which site, and with what delivery time announced.

MacBook Pro 13″ M2 512 GB at the best price Base price: €1,829

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