It’s settled for the choice of manufacturers of the iPhone 14 screen

iPhone 14 Pro

Rather than running its own factories, Appe chose long ago to rely on third-party providers for its products. A strategy that quickly bore fruit, to the point of seeing some partners like TSMC in the world top of the most listed companies internationally. But if the Taiwanese founder is the first in terms of capitalization, other subcontractors also know how to do well.

Among them, Samsung, considered by most analysts to be the world’s leading shipper of iPhone screens. In second position, LG, also installed in Seoul and whose slabs also equip machines signed Microsoft, Dell, Garmin, HP or Google. Just behind: BOE Electronics, which according to recent rumors is preparing to take the place of honor from the Korean…

Change of stage

Corroborating these estimates, Ross Young (DSCC) believes that Samsung will also be Apple’s one and only choice for the display of its upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. The general breakdown of manufacturers, supplemented by recent data published at IT Homewould thus be close to the following:

  • the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 for BOE up to 20 to 25% of the global order, the rest for Samsung and LG
  • the iPhone 14 Pro Max from 6.7 inch for LG Display and Samsung
  • and therefore theiPhone 14 Pro for Samsung is up to 30% of the overall order according to our study of the most popular models
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For those who are wondering, remember that no iPhone 14 mini seems in the boxes. Instead, we may be entitled to an iPhone 14 Max, without the performance of a Pro but still with a larger panel. As for the assembly, it should probably be signed Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron.

No ProMotion for LG

LG therefore appears to be the big loser of the trio, as the researchers announced several months beforehand. And for good reason: according to Young, his factories would not not yet ready to honor sufficient LTPO volumes. The technology bearing this acronym is that which allows the screen to offer several refresh rates; it is found on the MacBook Pro of 2021, on the Apple Watch and on the iPhone 13 Pro.

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