Jacky Bracamontes’ husband surprises with a dangerous feat on top of an airplane: “You are missing a screw”

Esposo de Jacky Bracamontes sorprende con una peligrosa hazaña arriba de un avión: “Te falta un tornillo”

The husband of Jacky Bracamontes He surprises again with a dangerous feat, this time on top of a plane during the flight.

Through his official Instagram account, Martin Fuentes shared a video in which he boasted his latest adventure, in which he put his adrenaline to the test by performing the dangerous act that is considered a extreme sport called Wing walking or dance on the sky, consisting of walking or moving along the wings of an airplane during flight.

Although on this occasion the car pilot used a harness with which he secured the aircraft around the waist, one of the first to react to the publication was the television star, who, surprised, wrote: “CONFIRMED!!! It’s official that you are missing a screw“.

Before taking off at the Santa Paula, California airport and performing the risky stunt, Sources he explained in the stories of the same social network, step by step what he would do on air.

I’m going to do a thing called wing walking. What do I do first? I get on the part that is there (above the plane), I tie myself down and the plane starts to make turns and then I get out, I grab from here (one side of the plane) and I start to make turns“He added.

Definitely the most extreme thing I have done in my life (sooo recommendable)” Y “Look mom without hands!“, Were other messages that he added Martin sources to his new life experience, in addition to ensuring that he had wanted to do it for many years.


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