LifeStyle Relationships Jared Leto doesn't know where his Oscar is

Jared Leto doesn’t know where his Oscar is


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The actor Jared Leto He has shown on several occasions that he can be too clueless. In March of last year, for example, he left a two-week spiritual retreat in the desert to be stunned to discover that the world had become a kind of post-apocalyptic movie after the United States, where he usually resides, declared the state of emergency in much of its territory and will confine many of its citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Along the same lines, the singer and leader of the group 30 Seconds To Mars got a good surprise recently when he started looking around the house for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor who won for the film “Dallas buyers club” only to realize that she hadn’t seen him in a long time.

“I discovered that he has been missing for about three years, and I had no idea about it.”, just confessed the famous actor as he passed through the show James corden. “It seems to me that nobody wanted to give me the news”, has added to throw part of the blame to the team of assistants that surrounds him. Deep down, he suspects that the golden statuette was lost, he does not know how, during the last move he made to settle in his current home in Los Angeles.

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“It could be anywhere, but the truth is that there are many people who have looked for it everywhere, and it has not appeared. I hope he’s in good hands, wherever he is, but the truth is that we haven’t seen him in a long time. “, has added. Jared still has hope that it will appear because he does not believe that it is an object that can be thrown away by accident. “I think there is a good chance someone has it.”, has pointed out. “I hope you are taking good care of him”.

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- Advertisement -Jared Leto doesn't know where his Oscar isJared Leto doesn't know where his Oscar is

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- Advertisement -Jared Leto doesn't know where his Oscar isJared Leto doesn't know where his Oscar is

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