Jennifer Aniston spoke about Brad Pitt on Ellen DeGeneres’ final show

Jennifer Aniston spoke about Brad Pitt on Ellen DeGeneres' final show

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres.

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres.

Photo: Christopher Polk for PCA/Getty Images

The Ellen DeGeneres show definitively said goodbye to the public American last Thursday and, as was already planned, was attended by Jennifer Aniston as the last guestthus making reference to the fact that the actress of the television series “friends” He was the first celebrity to sit in the famous armchairs of the long-running evening space, which said goodbye after 19 seasons on the air.

The Hollywood star gave her good friend Ellen a doll that read “Thanks for the memories”another detail to his initial visit to the then-new show by the comedian, who gave him a similar stuffed animal on his first visit to the set in 2003.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jennifer also wanted to recall the vital situation in which she found herself almost 20 years ago. At that time the actress was still married to Brad Pittbut shortly after the marriage ended and led to a traumatic divorce that was followed by the confirmation that the actor had a surprising courtship with Angelina Jolie -now also his ex-wife-.

“Well, then I got divorced and had to go to therapy. And on top of that I made a movie called “The break-up”Jennifer recalled jokingly and apparently without rancor towards her ex-husband, with whom she now maintains a fairly cordial bond. “We are friends again, at least at this particular moment”he explained in a previous interview.

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