Job: 4 steps to follow to get one

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From the creation of your application through the job interview, it is necessary to develop everything in order to maximize your chances of landing a job. Let’s discover the different actions to take!

The 4 steps to follow to get a job

1. Know the expectations of the hiring manager

Before you start writing your application, your first obligation is to prospect and find out about the company that is recruiting.

To do this, it is advisable to find out about the profile she is looking for through the job offer she publishes. The latter contains all the information required for the position it offers, such as this job offer for example. You must therefore read all this information, in particular:

  • the expected qualities,
  • the profiles of the candidates they wish to hire,
  • or even the diplomas they require in relation to the position they are offering, etc.

Once you have all this data available, the next phase is to compare it to your main assets, whether professional or personal. The idea of ​​this small operation, and especially this small skills assessment, is to find out if your most remarkable strengths are relevant to the position you are considering.

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2. Prepare a CV by referring to the job offer

When you are sure and certain that the profile sought by the company corresponds perfectly to you, the preparation of your CV can begin.

The information you received earlier is the first things to highlight in this document. Nevertheless, you need to personalize them so that your application stands out.

As for the layout of your CV, it should be as neat as possible. Be aware that recruiters only retain documents that are legible, clear and elegant. You must therefore give your CV an attractive appearance and a clear visual in order to increase your chances of passing the job interview.

To help you find the best CV template, do not hesitate to refer to CV creation platforms like CV maker. Click here to quickly discover the modern and stylish CV examples, ready to be edited, that the platform offers.

Also take advantage of the advice she provides regarding the ideal layout to showcase your profile.

3. Apply in person

We strongly advise you to apply in person.

First, it allows you to introduce yourself directly to the company and find out if the offer is still available.

Secondly, it allows you to create a first link with the company, in particular with the secretary who receives the applications.

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4. Prepare for your job interview

Once you have submitted your application, get ready for a job interview right away.

Be aware that beyond your professional background and your ability to present it well, recruiters are also very attentive to the behavior you adopt during the interview.

Some key points to consider:

  • Have a good dress code
  • Be punctual and polite
  • Take care of your posture
  • Pay attention to your speech
  • Know the recruiting company
  • Ask questions about the position you are applying for
  • Show your motivation and demonstrate that you are the ideal candidate

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