Job description of the bid manager: role, training and salary

Job description of the bid manager: role, training and salary

The digital age gives rise to new professions every year. That of bid manager is very recent and still little known, but already popular with some companies in the field of digital marketing. It is a complete profession comprising very specific missions requiring specialized expertise and sought-after qualities.

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What is a bid manager?

First of all, “bid” means in French “offer to purchase”. Thus, the bid manager is the main speaker in all calls for tenders of a company or a marketing agency. He fully manages this aspect and is responsible for establishing technical and commercial proposals for companies that need them. Each mission is a challenge since he is required to constantly highlight the company for which he works. The role of the bid manager is decisive, because in general he is the first point of contact with future customers. This is a position that is part of the commercial team of a company or an agency. To claim the position of bid manager, the candidate must have specific qualities to be able to carry out all the missions.

What are the duties of the bid manager?

The missions of the bid manager are quite complete and above all decisive for the company. He is actually an actor tender project from start to finish and is assigned specific tasks at each stage. Indeed, the bid manager must first find out about and consult all the calls for tenders issued by potential customers. It is a daily job on which he must look to identify the best opportunities. Depending on the projects chosen, the bid manager must reflect and then establish technical and commercial proposals intended for customers. To do this, the bid manager must work closely with the company’s teams.

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Before submitting an offer to the client, the bid manager must first define needs of the latter by conducting specific research on its objectives. This mission is crucial in order to be able to respond effectively to the call for tenders.

Once this step has been completed, the bid manager must begin developing a strategic plan in order to highlight the offer to be proposed to the customer. For this, the commercial and technical teams of the company or agency can provide assistance. This is an important moment when every piece of information must be exchanged and studied. The bid manager represents the link between all the teams in order to best coordinate the project to be proposed to the client. He therefore actively participates in the company’s decision-making and commercial development.

Once the plan has been drawn up and sent to the client, the bid manager’s mission does not stop there. He must also ensure that the project keeps its promises to the budget level. The bid manager therefore checks the budget and monitors its monitoring. He must be constantly alert to the best existing solutions so that the project is carried out perfectly. The bid manager continues to be the main point of contact with the client and must inform him in real time of the progress of the project and its results by providing him with regular follow-up reports.

What are the skills of the bid manager?

To exercise the profession of bid manager and above all to continue in a position with multiple missions, the candidate must have certain skills and qualities.

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First, the bid manager must have a excellent interpersonal skills. Throughout his missions, he will have to exchange with many people. Between the teams of his own company, the teams of the client, the client himself, etc. The bid manager must be comfortable speaking and above all must be able to carry out structured and constructive discussions. It is thanks to these exchanges and his qualities as a speaker that the client’s objectives will be achieved.

The bid manager must also hold a certain writing skills. It is up to him to draft the offer to be submitted to the client. He must be able to write a commercial proposal in total autonomy and with an appropriate style. The main objective here is to provide the customer with a clear and understandable offer.

The organization is one of the main skills that make up the job of bid manager. The latter must meet deadlines and must respect them. He must collect a multitude of information and data from different departments and must therefore be able to process them without difficulty. The offer proposed to the customer must be fully processed on time. The bid manager juggles between several stakeholders, carries out daily research and must also ensure the budgetary part. Its planning must therefore be framed.

The bid manager would not be effective in carrying out his missions without having the essential skill of being a good business. Indeed, the candidate must be able to easily detect the needs and objectives of the client. He must even ideally know how to anticipate his expectations in order to be able to offer him a suitable offer.

Finally, to be able to occupy this position, it is a good omen to be comfortable with numbers. The bid manager must be able to establish and manage a budget. It also ensures the follow-up of the latter. The financial notions of investment and profit should not be foreign to him.

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How to become a bid manager?

To become a bid manager, there is currently no defined course. As this is a very recent digital profession, there is still no school or training for learning this profession. However, the candidates holding this position today have for the most part followed a business or engineering school. A master’s degree in marketing also makes it possible to claim the position. The main thing is above all to have excellent knowledge and skills in digital marketing and to be interested in new technologies.

What is the average salary of a bid manager?

Regarding the salary of the bid manager, this is a new position and therefore extremely well paid. For a bid manager juniorthe average salary is around 25,000 euros per year. Then, for an experienced bid manager, the salary can reach 85,000 euros per year. But on average, the average salary for this position is between 40,000 euros and 60,000 euros per year. All this obviously depends on the agency or company that employs the candidate and his abilities and means.

The bid manager is a new digital profession, still little known at the moment, but a future profession with potential. Companies and agencies are beginning to take an interest in it and to recruit for this type of position. The bid manager can bring all his expertise and knowledge to win the best calls for tenders.

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