José Ángel García’s widow accuses Gael García of not helping his father when he was very ill

Viuda de José Ángel García acusa a Gael García de no ayudar a su padre cuando estaba muy enfermo

Gael Garcia.

Photo: Mike Coppola / Getty Images

The remains of the actor and television director, Jose Angel Garcia, were veiled the afternoon of this Saturday, January 23, and although the place remained with few assistants, his widow shared some details of the last days of the father of Gael garcia.

In an interview with the media who attended the funeral home, Bella de la Vega spoke about her husband’s relationship with her children, including the internationally recognized actor, Gael Garcia Bernal, whom he pointed out as having minimized his father’s illness:

Yes a little bit (he minimized it), but José Ángel was already very bad, he sounded very bad and I, if I hear my mom or dad like that, I’ll see him. If you are bedridden I will take you out of there and take you to a hospital at any cost“, She expressed moved.

The model and actress assured that, although Gael He had been in Mexico for several days, he decided not to visit his father, who was already in serious condition, and he let him know this in a phone call they had before he was hospitalized.

That is what hurts me a lot because Gael was here in Mexico when José Ángel spoke to him with a lot of work, he said: ‘Son, I’m very bad and my lungs can’t take it anymore and I don’t know what to do’“, Conversations that the protagonist of” And your mother too “took lightly, and only asked his father to be patient:”Calm down, take a pill and take the PCR test and take it easy, the blow of coming from the sea to Mexico City is very strong, don’t worry “, he remembered Beautiful.

The widow of the director of ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’, who caused controversy this Saturday for publishing photographs during the funeral with the coffin open, said she was saddened by the decision she made Gael of not helping his dad and taking him to a hospital:

Gael was in Valle de Bravo and he didn’t tell him: ‘I’m going to see you dad to see if you’re sick and I’ll take you to a hospital’, no, then I felt even sadder“, Added before the camera of the journalist Eden Dorantes.

And it is that, because the communication between the actor and her was scarce, they could not make a decision together to take him to a hospital where they would provide him with all medical attention:

I am sure that at this moment they could save him. I think there would have been a possibility“, He specified Bella de la Vega.


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