Jozabed: “I feel very comfortable with Guede”

Jozabed: “Me siento muy cómodo con Guede”

Jozabed paraded through the press room at La Rosaleda and spoke openly about the work of the new Málaga coach, Pablo Guede. The midfielder is a fixture for the Argentine, with whom he has played the entire three games he has led the blue and white ship. “I’m feeling pretty good. The coach asks me for some things in some games and in others, others. In each game he asks me for a different thing depending on the rival and I try to do the best I can. I feel very comfortable with his way of seeing football and with what he wants from us. If I have to highlight something about the coach, it is the intensity and the tactical variety that we have”, he stated.

The medium, in addition to commenting on the coach, gave an extensive review of the team’s current situation:

Shield/Flag Malaga

Balance with the new technician: “The balance is 4 points out of 9, much better than what we had been doing. And the sensations have been very good against great rivals, among the best in the category. In such a short time to achieve that is of great merit. Guede is very demanding, he transmits a lot, a lot of intensity, and the team is grasping the concepts quite well. So far I think no team has been superior to us in these three games”.

Salvation, closer: “In these last five games we have to seize permanence as soon as possible. We depend on ourselves, we don’t have to look back. We have to win and let the rest of the teams look at us”.

Accounts for permanence: “Many strange things have been seen, it is best not to count. At the end of the day we see it. Guessing doesn’t get you anywhere. You have to worry about winning the game, and once you win, you’ve done your job and let’s see the rest”.

The Palms: “It is going to be a difficult game, it was the best team that went through La Rosaleda in the first round. They have an exquisite treatment of the ball and without the ball we are going to have to do things very well. If they feel comfortable with the ball, they become a very dangerous team. The important thing is that we translate what we are working on during the week on the pitch. We are a team on the right foot, they also suffer without the ball, and not only do we have to be aware of defensive work. When it’s our turn to have it, put them in trouble.”

Message to the fans: “I’m not one to send messages, I can say that the other day the atmosphere at La Rosaleda was magnificent. A very nice atmosphere, always encouraging the players. In the two remaining games, this has to be a pressure cooker, which it is. We know that we have a negative streak that we want to break and we have to recover that fort that was La Rosaleda and that those points do not escape”.

Three coaches in one season: “They are three coaches with three ways of seeing football, with different working methods. One of the qualities of the coach is to transmit intensity day by day, and the tactical variety that he has implemented in these weeks. There is a lot of variety that until now we had not had”.


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