JP Morgan bets on $ 210 for AAPL in 5G iPhone SE case

Quel iPhone acheter 2021 2022

The investment bank JP Morgan has already made estimates of the evolution of the AAPL share price for the next few years. If its analysts had already counted on an action around 200 dollars in the coming years, in particular with the arrival of a VR headset or even an Apple Car, even if the latter is more distant.

But these estimates have just been revised upwards, with analysts at the bank now counting on $ 210, hoping for strong demand for the start of 2022 with the possible arrival of an iPhone SE 5G. In a note to investors, Samik Chatterjee believes that Apple stocks have “managed to reverse the underperformance” of the first half of 2021 with improving demand expectations for the iPhone 13.

Despite a certain lack of innovation within the Apple phone, demand has been higher than expected. Although demand is stable at the moment, “Most of the increase in income and profits” is yet to come for Apple. The latter is expected to arrive in early 2022, although the possible arrival of a new iPhone SE may scare some buyers away.

The iPhone SE 5G to boost the price of AAPL?

According to rumors, this phone should arrive in the spring of 2022 and the first conference of Apple. With 5G connectivity, it should be of great interest to the Apple audience, who could turn en masse to this more affordable phone than the current iPhone 12 and 13 currently on sale at Apple.

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As a reminder, the last iPhone SE marketed by the Cupertino company was released in 2020. It was the second model of the name for Apple and the first to take over the chassis of the iPhone 8, retaining Touch ID. With a new form possible in the coming months, the iPhone SE could therefore take a third form in three models.

With the arrival of a new model, JP Morgan is confident when the stock market developments of the Cupertino company, the latter remains considered a “first choice until 2022”.

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