Judge dismisses charges of illegal Siri eavesdropping

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The case had arisen in the summer of 2019, a class action was then filed against the digital giant after Apple hired people to listen to confidential discussions of Siri, in order to improve the quality of the service. Apple’s voice assistant.

In the summer of 2019, the subcontractors responsible for these wiretaps had explained to the Guardian that they had been able to hear private discussions with medical details, illegal transactions, and other information falling within the private circle that had been recorded by accidental triggering of Siri. If the article already explained at the time that these eavesdropping were only a small part of Siri’s triggers and that all were not examined with the same care. Despite this line of defense, Apple had finally decided to end this program to avoid growing the scandal.

Justice proves Apple right

It is therefore in the face of these accusations that the apple brand went yesterday to a district court in California, to clarify this case. Despite the collective complaint that hovered against Apple and the many evidence that could exist against Apple, the latter managed to prove that the accusations were not “concrete”, the plaintiffs not having been personally affected by this case.

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Judge Jeffrey White therefore acquitted Apple, the plaintiffs having, according to him, only succeeded in demonstrating “hypothetical” damage. All of the allegations were based on information included in the Guardian article, highlighting Apple’s use of contractors to analyze ‌Siri‌ data. But the complainants have provided no evidence on the use of their own data.

The plaintiffs have 20 days to appeal the court decision, at the moment it is impossible to know whether they will launch a second lawsuit against the mark or not.

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