Juliana Paes, the star of Univision’s ‘Dulce Ambición’, confesses how María de la Paz changed her life

Juliana Paes, la estrella de ‘Dulce Ambición’ de Univision, confiesa como María de la Paz cambió su vida

Juliana Paes hits the screens of Univision with the production of “Sweet ambition“, Where he gives life to María de la Paz. The Brazilian soap opera on TV Globo was a resounding success in its native country captivating millions every day and with its arrival in the United States it intends to do the same.

Just days after its launch, we were able to speak with the protagonist of this story who told us how surprising the success of the series was.

“It was a great surprise because it is a simple story, it doesn’t have anything complicated,” Juliana told us. “It is a story of a woman struggling to survive alone in the big city. With her strength of will she becomes a great businesswoman and builds a great empire with her daughter ”.

“The way the story is told and how it is written became something special for the audience and I hope the same will happen in the United States.”

María de la Paz is a pastry chef who is very successful in business 20 years after losing the love of her life, Amadeus (Marcos Palmeira), whom they kill on their wedding day. She leaves her small town for the city, where she finds out that she is pregnant. Two decades later, her daughter Yosiane, who despises her mother’s humble origins, forms an alliance with the charming but con artist Regis (Reynaldo Gianecchini) to steal Maria’s fortune. But he falls in love with María and various events occur until the unimaginable happens: Amadeus returns to his life.

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Juliana Paes is María de la Paz in “Dulce Ambición”. / Photo: Univision

It is that conflict between mother and daughter that will move the Hispanic public. Within our Latin culture there is nothing more sacred than mother’s love and Paes tells us how her character could have been blinded to the evils of her own daughter.

“What happens is that mothers are mothers and a mother always sees the best in her children,” explained the star. “Even if someone tells you, your son is doing this, it is your own blood, you have raised him and you are the last to recognize what they might be capable of doing. In this case it was not too optimism, it was love, pure love of a mother ”.

That optimism that the protagonist has is what inspires because María de la Paz always sees the positive side of things even though the outlook is not always positive. Juliana confessed that after finishing the recordings she was inspired by the very character she helped create.

“When I finished, I thought about life goals that I have and I thought about what María de la Paz would do,” said the also star of “Wanting Without Limits.” “She inspired me because she has a positive way of looking at things. In the worst situations I always had a different point of view and that changed me in a special way. “

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Juliana Paes is María de la Paz in "Sweet ambition".
Juliana Paes is María de la Paz in “Sweet Ambition.” / Photo: Univision

Juliana closed the interview by addressing the Latin public giving the reasons why you cannot miss the premiere of this sweet soap opera.

“It is a love story, a story of an inspiring woman, of a great mother, where mainly women are going to feel inspired and empowered by this character. The novel has a beautiful aesthetic and has delicious cakes that everyone will want to eat, “he concluded.

“Dulce Ambición” begins Monday, August 31 at 10 pm/9c on Univision.


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