Justin Bieber has changed churches after the scandal involving his former pastor

Justin Bieber ha cambiado de iglesia tras el escándalo protagonizado por su antiguo pastor

Justin Bieber.

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Of all the celebrities who have attended Hillsong church services at one point or another in recent years, Justin Bieber It has undoubtedly been the one who has contributed the most to it becoming one of the most attractive among young people. However, after a surprising change of mind, the singer has disassociated himself from the congregation, as revealed on Monday in his Stories of Instagram to disprove a story that claimed he is preparing to become one of their spiritual leaders.

“I’m not studying to be a pastor or anything like that. I have no intention of doing so “, He has stated bluntly to further clarify that he is currently part of the Churchome church congregation. Following this announcement, the pop star has been encouraged to share some of the principles by which this small community is governed, which apparently does not share Hillsong’s interest in building impressive venues to host its massive events, because he considers that God is everywhere.

The popularity of the Australian church has taken a severe hit in recent months after the dismissal of its media pastor was announced, Carl Lentz, for a “moral failure” that ended up confirming that it referred to a marital infidelity. Rumors have since emerged that the religious organization functions as a kind of private club that gives preferential treatment to its most famous members.

Talking about Justin Bieber, the singer came to live with the Lentz family after his break with Selena Gomez He even asked her to baptize him in 2014, but he no longer trusted him to officiate his wedding to his wife Hailey in 2019.

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