Justin Bieber visited Kanye West to advise him to seek help for his mental disorder

Justin Bieber visited Kanye West to advise him to seek help for his mental disorder

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is a good friend of Kanye West | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

In the midst of a turbulent weekend for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber went to visit his friend to offer support in this difficult mental health crisis he is going through.

The Canadian singer flew to the West ranch in Cody (Wyoming), where he is staying after fighting with his wife after airing on Twitter that he wanted to divorce her and even tell how long ago they thought about aborting their first daughter North.

Justin Bieber has had a long fight against depression, so he knows very well how stormy it is to suffer from a mental health problem.

“Justin wants to show solidarity,” a source close to the celebrities told People magazine. The 26-year-old musician reportedly recommended the rapper for medical assistance, while also facing his problems with Kim Kardashian to leave this sad episode behind. It should be remembered that, according to what the socialite published a few days ago, her husband suffers from bipolar disorder, and apparently now he would have had a relapse.

According to the Spanish website ABC, West took Bieber’s advice and went to the Wyoming hospital, but shortly after he left because of the number of patients with COVID-19, what he did manage to do was get an ambulance to his home to check his condition. .

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Those close to the musician indicated that this is the most serious episode he has ever experienced; meanwhile his candidacy for President of the United States still stands.

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