Karla Panini explodes against Karla Luna’s son and receives strong criticism

Karla Panini explodes against Karla Luna's son and receives strong criticism

A couple of weeks ago Karla Panini became a topic of conversation after making strong statements against Consuelo Duval for defending the deceased comedian Karla Luna; and now it was Luna’s son, Rubén Luna, who unleashed the presenter’s fury

And it is that Ruben and Panini staged a strong fight on social networks after the famous one wished one of Karla Luna’s daughters a happy birthday on social networks, where she received a comment from an Internet user who advised her that she should let The little girl lives with her siblings.

Given this, Panini assured that the brothers of the minors have had the opportunity to see them but have preferred to do media shows, however, Rubén did not hesitate to take out the claws by saying that there are obstacles that could not be overcome and that Karla Panini spreads lies to defame him and his relatives.

“If you say this here, it is certain that my sisters live believing the same story. What you say about ‘if we don’t see them, it’s for something’ is true: that something is not a lack of desire, it is not an opinion of the judge or the law; It is you who do not take my sisters to the gatherings that are already dictated, ”she insisted.

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