Karol G and Becky G leave their “pantyhose” on view at La Bichota’s show at Coachella 2022

Karol G and Becky G leave their "pantyhose" on view at La Bichota's show at Coachella 2022

Karol G and Becky G succeed together at Coachella 2022.

Karol G and Becky G succeed together at Coachella 2022.

Photo: Kevin Winter. /Getty Images

If there was a show so far that has left everyone speechless, it has been the majestic display of talent and production of the presentation of Carol G in Coachella 2022. the bichota had some guests, including her great friend Becky G with which performed the hit “MAMIII” for the first time together live. Of course, just as she requested the bichota days ago, the beautiful Latinas left their “pantyhose” on display.

Karol G and Becky G at Coachella 2022.
Karol G and Becky G at Coachella 2022. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

“I want to invite you to sing this song for the first time with her, Becky G“. The same one that came out with an outfit that left more than one drooling. Her sexy outfit was a red bra and a “pantyhose” of the same color in sight, because he had his pants open. His minimal top was ripped to the middle of his bust. Carol G she strolled along the stage in a blue jean bodysuit at the festival Coachella 2022.

Becky G at Coachella 2022.
Becky G at Coachella 2022. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

When Becky G mentioned the name of Carol G as a sign of gratitude for the opportunity to sing in Coachella, the bichota I call her: “Family” not hesitate. There is no doubt that it was a waste of talent and a display of the power of female friendship.

Of course, Carol G took advantage of his presentation to empower the Latin woman and also give him a tribute to the great Latin musicians as: Ricky Martin, Celia Cruz, daddy yankee, Selena, J Balvin and others. She also represented very well the idea that she had in principle and that she asked her fans through social networks to help her make a trend: BICHOTELLA. Which is just the place where Carol G gave an impressive show making the whole world turn to see the blue-haired Colombian, who paralyzed the planet on an extraordinary night for her.

Hours before his show in Coachella 2022, Carol G cried in a story Instagram and sent an emotional message: “Today is Coachella: I want this moment I dreamed of to last forever.” On various occasions and in interviews, Karol G had made it clear that he hoped one day to sing at this, one of the largest music festivals in the United States.

During the show, Carol G She stepped out in a stunning outfit of floss and jean straps with hair a little bluer than usual. There she walked through several of her hits like bug, 200 Cups, Boat, among several. Her band of women in different strategic places of Bihotella (on stage) and her sexy dancers gave it their all in what was also a great night for them.

Later and when the time came to highlight his Latin origins, Carol G went on stage wearing the tricolor of the Colombian flag and also sang in genre of cumbia. To close with a huge smile that she could not hide throughout the entire presentation.

Karol G conquers Coachella 2022.
Karol G conquers Coachella 2022. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

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