Karol G uses transparent dental floss everywhere and breaks out dancing salsa with Grupo Niche in Colombia

Karol G uses transparent dental floss everywhere and breaks out dancing salsa with Grupo Niche in Colombia

Karol G at Coachella 2022.

Karol G at Coachella 2022.

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the bichota Carol G arrived in his country and had a full house in Cali, Colombia in the best style of stars of the height of Adele Y madonna. He also went out to sing with a daring look that made him a bodysuit sheer all over. But what blew up the night was that sang and danced salsa alongside one of the most important groups in that country, Grupo Niche.

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In blue tones and with transparencies to the bottom in front and dental floss in the back, Karol G triumphed in Cali, Colombia and paid a small tribute to one of the world famous Latin bands when sauce it is about: Niche group. without fear of anything, the bichota demonstrated his gifts in the genre and the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium he fell with pride, shouts and even tears.

we had already seen Carol G succeed in Coachella 2022. After that presentation one might think that the bichota I had already given everything for everything, but no. The Colombian surprised with new outfits, new musical arrangements and more energy. Of course, that was not the only floss of hers that she showed off during the presentation: white, red and even gold, were the ones that followed.

All the hits of Carol G were massively chanted: bug, 200 Cups, Boathis success with Becky G “MOM III” and the peak moment, his latest hit: provence. From early hours and upon entering the venue, her fans chanted her at full volume, making the singer feel their strength and love for the blue-haired girl.

Everyone present sang it while Carol G It rose on a central platform to see everything harvested. The emotion for the singer was so great that she recorded the moment with her cell phone and she was visibly moved. If there is something that Karol G has not left aside for fame, it is her humility.

Just when he arrived at the place where he would give the concert, he took photos with all the production employees, the security team and anyone who had put a grain of sand to make this one of his great nights.

Carol G will continue with his Bichota Tour Latin America Tour 2022 and it will also start with $trip Love Tour 2022. She has already said that she promises a lot of sensuality and sexuality on stage and we know that she is undergoing intensive rehearsals for the same reason. While his success provence continues to lead the reproductions on digital platforms such as Spotify Y Youtube.

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