Kate del Castillo gave her opinion on the return of Angélica Rivera as an actress: “She did not really do anything for Mexico”

Kate del Castillo opinó acerca del regreso de Angélica Rivera como actriz: “No hizo nada realmente por México”

A few months ago the rumor emerged that Angelica Rivera, former first lady of Mexico, would replace Kate del Castillo in a new season of the series streaming “Ungovernable”. Nothing was known more about it, but everything indicates that Rivera will return to soap operas very soon, resuming her role as an actress.

About it, Kate del Castillo gave an interview to the program “The sun rises”, in which he admitted that he has nothing against Angelica Rivera (also known as Seagull), but that it will be difficult for it to regain its place in the artistic medium: “It is difficult, I believe that one makes decisions in life and you have to face the decisions you make, she decided to take that path and decided not to get involved as First lady, with nothing, did nothing really for Mexico, when I always admire first ladies because she is the woman who is next to the president, not behind. ”

Kate added: “I have absolutely nothing against the lady, I did not know that I wanted to return to being an actress, I am pleased for her, that she returns to what she liked or that she has a career of her own … I think we all deserve a second chance and he is not a malicious person, he lived through a circumstance, she chose him and now she has to face that ”. Angelica Rivera was married to Enrique Peña Nieto during the six-year term in which he was president of Mexico, when an alleged “persecution” of Kate del Castillo after she secretly contacted the drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán to interview him.

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