Kate Hudson reflects on the emotional aftermath of the health crisis

Kate Hudson reflects on the emotional aftermath of the health crisis

Goldie Hawn’s daughter says the global drama caused by the coronavirus pandemic has offered additional challenges to the need to take care of oneself.

The actress Kate hudson reflected in his last interview on the emotional and psychological consequences that derive from the greatest health crisis that the world has had to face in recent times, the pandemic of the coronavirus that, in addition to causing hundreds of thousands of fatalities around the planet, has forced the population to radically change their lifestyle to avoid new infections.

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Kate Hudson reflects on the emotional aftermath of the health crisis

In his case, the daughter of Goldie hawn went through a very tough time due to both the domestic seclusion last spring and the “Pressure” added to ensure that both she and her family weather the storm in the most effective way possible. In this sense, it has been more difficult for the interpreter than ever to dedicate time to herself and her personal needs.

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“I think we have all been under a lot of pressure and this crisis has undoubtedly been an extraordinary moment, full of challenges for personal care. I have learned that you cannot always be completely self-sufficient, that you have to ask for help when it is essential and turn to the community, which is essential for our well-being. One cannot always be a superhero », explained in statements to AND! News.

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Just as we must expect assistance from others when it is necessary, Kate He pointed out that each one has to contribute as much as possible to community life both from a question of moral obligation and another of mere pragmatism. Of course, the ‘new normal’ will only remain as such if each one acts responsibly towards himself and towards others.

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