Katy Perry opens up about her already broken breakup with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry opens up about her already broken breakup with Orlando Bloom

The pop star acknowledges that, had it not been for the support of her unconditional friends and fans, “she would have jumped off a bridge” after her brief separation from the actor and, in addition, the relative commercial failure of her latest album.

Singer Katy Perry She is going through one of the most exciting moments of her life, pregnant as she is with her first child and thanks to the solid relationship she maintains with the actor. Orlando Bloom, who should have married this summer if the health crisis caused by the coronavirus it would have been nothing but a bad dream for everyone.

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Katy Perry opens up about her already broken breakup with Orlando Bloom

However, in her last interview with the Sirius XM radio station, the pop star preferred to look back on a much less pleasant time for her. Three years ago, the interpreter and her now betrothed staged a striking break that shocked the social chronicle and that, as she has now expressed Katy, left her completely “broken” inside.

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If we add to that the later -and relative, everything being said- commercial failure of his most recent record work, ‘Witness’, an album that was rated quite positively by critics, but whose commercial performance was disappointing for an artist of its category, it is understandable that the mood of the Californian was, in her own words, “by soil” during those troubled times.

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For this reason, the interpreter thanked in her conversation all those friends, family and fans who duly supported her in those difficult times, since it was her affection and affection that prevented her from being loved. “Throw over a bridge” on account of such setbacks.

“Gratitude is what saved my life, because if it hadn’t been for her I would have been more dragged into that pit of sadness”said the 35-year-old artist.

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