Kidnapping victim found thanks to Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 6

Astonishing news item in Texas. The Lone Star State is indeed the scene of a rather comical kidnapping. It all begins when a woman finds herself locked in a truck and abused by malicious brakes by the driver. Only problem for the accused: he did not think of stealing the connected watch of his passenger.

After contacting her daughter to warn her of the danger, the latter was then able to warn the authorities who managed to apprehend the suspect. However, the story does not say if it is the app. Locate which was privileged for the operation. The police could just as easily have used triangulation, which remains largely in its ropes according to the FBI.

Confidentiality vs security

This unfortunate adventure is a reminder that activating the GPS of our connected objects can therefore sometimes be very useful, even if operating systems tend to be more and more careful on this subject. Apple, for example, makes a point of offering its users features to better control what they share in their private life.

Google (Alphabet), on the other hand, continues to be strongly criticized for advancing more subtly in the field. As recently demonstrated by its applications available on the App Store.

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