Kimberly Dos Ramos reveals her new figure on the beach, after her drastic weight loss

Kimberly Dos Ramos deja ver su nueva figura en la playa, tras su drástica pérdida de peso

Since last year Kimberly dos ramos became a huge fan of exercise, especially Pilates, and now the results are in sight, especially in her most recent publication in Instagram.

The beautiful 28-year-old Venezuelan actress has had a drastic weight loss thanks to her routines, and now she sports a statuesque figure, as seen in an image in which she shows her silhouette against the light on the beach, wearing a sexy white bikini.

Kimberly also gets in shape by boxing and skating, sports that she practices daily after attending the arduous Pilates sessions, which she shares on her social networks, giving her thousands of new followers.

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