Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna celebrate their first wedding anniversary

Kimberly Flores y Edwin Luna celebran su primer aniversario de bodas

The controversial couple married on July 27, 2019, in the middle of a luxurious ceremony that was televised live from the Cathedral of Monterrey, Nuevo León

Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna

Photo: Velia de la Cruz / Agencia Reforma

In exchange for loving messages, Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna They started the festivities for their first wedding anniversary.

The controversial couple contracted nuptials on July 27, 2019, in the middle of a luxurious ceremony that was televised live from the Cathedral of Monterrey, Nuevo León, since then they have been involved in some scandals, such as the infidelity of the Guatemalan model, as well such as the problems he has had with his mother that caused a distancing, as well as strong criticism that they face on social networks for their ostentatious life.

Despite this, the couple celebrated their love with romantic messages that they shared through their respective official Instagram accounts.

The first to remember the special date was the leader of La Trakalosa de Monterrey, who wrote how lucky he feels to share his life with the vlogger.

Nobody told us that raising our family would be easy, we knew beforehand that we would learn the correct way day by day and that in the same way we would reach the maturity necessary to face any adversity in our lives.“He assured in the message that it was published along with a photograph of the couple in front of the altar.

In the extensive message, the singer accepted that they were raised in different ways, despite this, since a year ago they became one and promised to take care of each other. He also thanked him for being by his side through thick and thin.

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Shortly after, the also singer shared a series of photographs of her wedding day, which were accompanied by a text in which she thanked her husband for all the magical moments that always makes her live and recalled the promise she made to him in the altar a year ago: “I love you and I will always be for you love, and as we always say

Finally, Kimberly He shared his secret to achieve a lasting and full marriage:

What is the key to making the marriage last? You have to fall in love many, many times, always with the same person and so is my love for you“He expressed.

The numerous displays of affection on the part of their fans were immediate, so they immediately received congratulations and good wishes, which were accompanied by more than 100,000 red hearts that accumulated both publications.


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