Kiyosaki predicts the end of the US dollar and ensures that crypto is the best refuge from war – DiarioBitcoin

Kiyosaki predicts the end of the US dollar and ensures that crypto is the best refuge from war - DiarioBitcoin

Kiyosaki predicts the end of the US dollar and ensures that crypto is the best refuge from war - DiarioBitcoin By DailyBitcoin Editor

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous bestseller “Rich father poor father”says the war is giving rise to cryptocurrencies as a safer haven than fiat money.


Well-known financial adviser, Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book “Rich father poor father” and a tweeter with more than 1.8 million followers, has been insisting for a couple of years that cryptocurrencies are the best refuge. In fact, during the pandemic he did nothing but repeat: “Buy Bitcoin, gold and silver as a hedge against inflation“.

Now he has returned to the ring and has also predicted the end of the US dollar. This week, speaking about the war between Russia and Ukraine, he firstly repeated that crypto is a better haven than government “fake money”:

“BITCOIN and WAR. IBD Investors Business Daily reports that many Russians use Bitcoin as a lifeline after the collapse of the ruble. 13% of Ukrainians, 12% of Russians, 8% of Americans own crypto. The war between Ukraine and Russia gave rise to cryptocurrencies as a safer haven than fake government fiat money.”

Likewise, Kiyosaki also tweeted this week that the Biden administration and the Federal Reserve “They want inflation to pay trillions of debt”and advised again that the best investment may be in stocking products you’ll always use.

BRANDON & FED want INFLATION to pay off trillions in debt. THE BEST INVESTMENT can be storing products that you will always use, such as toilet paper, garbage bags, canned goods, frozen food, gold, silver, Bitcoin. I don’t trust Brandon or the Fed. They’re Marxists. Finish off the Fed and Brandon.

He explained in a different tweet about investing in oil. “I don’t invest in oil companies like Mobile or Exxon. I invest directly in oil wells. Higher risk for higher returns. Fantastic tax exemptions. Two wells came in last week as oil went from $70 to $130. The rich get richer but the poor suffer.” the author wrote.

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negative prediction

Kiyosaki sometimes seems a bit catastrophic and anticipates with terrible scenarios, it seems that he always has the alarms on. Last week, discussing Biden’s executive order (which was unpublished at the time and much less alarming than this author assumed), wrote:

GOODBYE BITCOIN: Prediction. Biden to sign EXECUTIVE ORDER regulating crypto. NEXT: Federal Reserve Crypto. NEXT: All Crypto Currencies Seized & Folded Into GOVERNMENT Crypto. “Come on Brandon”, criminal. your communist.

Before, in January, he had said yes Bitcoin fell to USD $20,000 he would launch to buy. However, the opposite is happening: Bitcoin it is now double that figure that Kiyosaki had predicted. It is over USD $40,000, according to reports CryptoMarkets.

end of the dollar

Kiyosaki also spoke for Twitter this week about the end of the US dollar. He pointed out that US hegemony is ending and the US is becoming less of a world power.

These were his words:

END of the US dollar? Saudi Arabia has just agreed to sell oil to China and trade in Chinese yuan, not US dollars. End of US hegemony. United States less world power. Thanks Brandon. Only what happens next is in question. I will do my best to keep you informed before things happen. Take care of yourself. Not good. remember that Kiyosaki is not the only one talking about the end of the dollar. It was done, for example, by veteran investor Jim Rogers, who said: “What is happening with the US dollar now is the end of the US dollar because an international currency is supposed to be neutral, but in Washington now they are changing the rules.”

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