Klopp: “We are at the break and we are 2-0”

Klopp: "Estamos en el descanso y vamos 2-0"

What was the key?

The way to play and the way to defend, too. When we attack Villarreal, we have to score. I really liked the first half, but we lacked the goal. They could threaten us with their pressure, but we did very well to control them. But 2-0. It is a dangerous marker. It’s just the tie break.

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Is it a misleading result?

Nothing has happened yet. You have to be one hundred percent psyched up. You have to play the second half like the first. We are winning 2-0. It will be a difficult environment. It’s going to be different. We have seen that this team fights for its coach and they will surely fight to be in the final.

To what extent can the experience they suffered in Rome influence…

We didn’t go to Rome thinking we were through. We knew that they had come from behind on their day against Barcelona. So now we are focused and aware. But we are not thinking about Rome, before the game we would have chosen a 2-0.

Is it going to be unfair if Mané doesn’t have the Ballon d’Or?

An outstanding season, yes. But I have nothing to do with the Ballon d’Or nominations. Mané is world class, but you have to win trophies to win the Ballon d’Or, unless you are Messi and Cristiano. He is in his best season.

Is the tie sentenced?

It is the best example of what a 2-0 at half-time means. We have to be alert and play the second leg as if it were the first leg. It will be a difficult environment for us, they will fight with everything.

Liverpool’s insistence

It was clear that we had to keep attacking. If there is a moment when Villarreal can overcome the pressure, at that moment they are a threat. For most of the game we handled this situation well and played a very good game.

Quality and experience for games like this

Maturity is one of our qualities. We ran a lot in the first part. We had to stay positive. The result is good for now, we have to travel to Villarreal to qualify for the final. We’ll see what happens.

Start from scratch in Ceramics

I have a lot of respect for Villarreal but we cannot forget that we are also very, very good. It will be a different environment, we must ignore it. I do not know what will happen. We have to stay alert and have the right mindset to play the second leg as well as we did in the first leg. We go 2-0. It’s better than before the game, but we know we haven’t gone through.


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