Know the foods that can contain plastic

Conoce los alimentos que pueden contener plástico

The plastic that is present in fish is hardly ingested by humans

There are foods that we consume every day that contain a percentage of plastic in them, which is a fact in itself surprising and worrying when considering its possible implications. So that you can take care of your health and diet, below we mention four of these foods.


According to an entry on the El Español portal, fish is one of the foods with a higher percentage of plastic in its composition, which is explained by the consumption of microplastics that fish do naturally.

The plastic associated with fish is mainly located in the stomach and intestines. Because of this, the plastic is usually removed by the fish, so it is very rare for fish to be a true source of exposure for humans.


Unlike fish, we consume mussels in their entirety, including their digestive tract, which is why the plastic associated with mussels is ingested by us.

A report by Greenpeace noted that evidence of microplastics in the common mussel of the North Sea, and in the Japanese oyster of the Atlantic. Both species are for human consumption.

Prawns, prawns and lobsters

None of these foods is free of plastic. A study conducted by the Organization of consumers and users (OCU) indicated that they found microplastics by 66% in the crustacean samples analyzed, without making a difference between prawns, prawns and lobsters.

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Since salt is immediately associated with marine life, it is difficult that it is not associated with plastic. This is seen in a study carried out by the University of Alicante in 2017, where the salt of all the sites studied had some percentage of plastic.

Beyond reducing the consumption of these foods with the idea of ​​protecting our health, the idea is raise awareness about marine life and how much we damage it with the plastic waste that we throw into the sea.


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