Koke and Olocip endorse Soler

Carlos Soler, durante el partido entre España y Portugal.

Atlético is aware that Carlos Soler is a very juicy market opportunity. midfielder contract with Valencia ends in the summer of 2023, and the club that looks for a destination with the need to make cash before the economic closure of the course. A footballer in a optimal age (25 years), who knows LaLiga, is international (He was the owner against Portugal) and combines quality, work and a very important arrival from the second line (he has scored 24 goals between the last two seasons, a specialist from the penalty spot).

The rojiblanco club is studying its options to be able to tackle the operation, since Soler is a player that both Simeone and Andrea Berta like very much. And, on the part of the locker room, they would be delighted to receive him. This was made clear by Koke, who precisely replaced him in yesterday’s duel against Portugal, and who as captain of Atlético completely opened the doors to his teammate. “Because of his style of football, because of how he competes, because of the characteristics he has, he would fit in with Atlético de Madrid”responded to the question of #Let’s go.

Photo by Carlos Soler

Soler has become one of Valencia’s heavyweights despite his youth and Atlético too they could use players with character who could block. But, in addition to the tangible, the data shows that the Valencian midfielder I could have a great rojiblanco lace. According to data from Olocip, a pioneering international company in the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Carlos Soler would be revalued almost 50% if he had a stake in his first course at Atlético.

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said company estimates the market value of Soler at 43.1 million euros using objective data performance, position, team and development. This number will grow up to 63.4 million with continuity in his rojiblanco game (an 85% stake in the League). Olocip’s data also indicates that it has contributed with its total shares to Valencia has generated or prevented a goal every 333 minutes. In addition, he has been the midfielder who more impact has had on the total shots of LaLiga (above Melero, Escalante, Pedri and Lemar). With his shots he has generated almost five more goals than expected for Valencia.

Athletic Shield/Flag

Soler has finished the 2021-22 academic year with 12 goals and five assists (the last matched in goals and added four more goal passes). He is the best player in LaLiga in penalty goals and second-best in through balls and set pieces. In Valencia he also stands out in completed passes, forward deliveries, game building, and head-to-head duels. And Olocip also estimates his fit at Atlético, with a great general evaluation and a lot of contribution in the elaboration, in addition to the offensive work. It would be in the defensive section where he would have to put more emphasis on improvement. Soler is also analyzed a good setting in Barcelona, ​​another of the interested clubs.

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Atlético seeks to strengthen itself in the middle after Herrera’s departure. Kondogbia remains as the only pivotin addition to the option of placing Koke there or a Saúl who returns from loan. Kamara opted for the offer from Aston Villa and the deck is still open. Nevertheless, Lemar continues without renewing, his contract ends in 2023 and, if you don’t expand it, this may be the last summer to earn an income from it. Soler would fit in that position in the most advanced midfield, collaborating in the construction and providing arrival from the second line, something that this course has been lost with a Llorente very far from the area. The Valencian is presented as a great market opportunity and Artificial Intelligence endorses the quality that he would contribute with his arrival at the rojiblanco club.


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