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Koke: "Courtois se equivocó"

Despite the fact that Thibaut Courtois’s plaque has already been relocated to the Paseo de las Leyendas del Atlético de Madrid, both the Belgian goalkeeper’s statements before the Champions League final and those of the mattress president Enrique Cerezo due to the possible withdrawal of said plate continues to echo among the players of the rojiblanco team. On this occasion, it was Koke Resurreción, captain of Atlético de Madrid, who gave a wake-up call to the Belgian goalkeeper, his former teammate and currently at Real Madrid.

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“Personally, I have a relationship with him. I was Thibaut’s roommate and we had a good relationship. From my point of view, when he spoke, I think he was wrong. You have to remember where you come from and, for me, he was not successful “, the athletic player has recognized in an interview from the concentration of the Spanish National Team. And it is that the Spanish midfielder shared the pitch with the current white goalkeeper in a total of 131 occasions, during the 3 seasons that Courtois stayed at the Vicente Calderón. Although he left the rojiblanco team after the 2013/2014 season, the Belgian is still among the 20 players with whom the Atlético captain has played the most games.

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Likewise, Koke has affirmed about his former partner’s statements that “they are his words, and they must also be respected from his point of view”. However, he also believes that “it is normal for Atlético de Madrid fans to get angry in this regard.” Also questioned from Las Rozas about the plaque of Thibaut Courtois, which was torn up on Monday from the Paseo de las Leyendas outside the Wanda Metropolitano, he commented that “Yes, I have heard something”, and between laughs he said that “they listened to our president”. This referred to the statements of Enrique Cerezo, who responded to the media about the possibility of withdrawing Courtois’ plate: “Well, nothing, take a pick and a shovel and go take it off.”


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