Kraken hints at Shiba Inu listing, as token continues to rise amid Tesla rumors

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Kraken hints at Shiba Inu listing, as token continues to rise amid Tesla rumors By Hannah perez

Kraken posted an unusual message to announce the SHIB listing amid the appearance of the puppy token in Times Square and the adoption rumors for Tesla payments.


The doggy cryptocurrency flame continues to spread across the crypto space amid growing interest from exchanges to incorporate the cryptocurrency. token Shiba Inu (SHIB) to your commercial listings.

The exchange of digital currencies Kraken seems to be the latest to join this trend, after hinting at a tweet the possible SHIB listing. This Monday, the official Twitter account of the US-based platform suggested in an unusual message that it was considering the incorporation of the token puppy Shiba Inu.

According to the publication, the product leader of Kraken, Brian Hoffman, has decided to include the copycat coin from Dogecoin on the platform if the tweet reaches 2,000 “likes”. The Twitter account called on the army of Shiba Inu to boost the initiative.

@brianchoffman said if we get 2,000 likes, we’ll list $ SHIB tomorrow – but he doesn’t think we can. #SHIBArmy where are you?

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Kraken prepares to list SHIB

Unsurprisingly, the horde of defenders and fans of the self-proclaimed “dogecoin killer”He ran to express his support and the goal was quickly reached. At the time of editing, the publication of Kraken registers more than 34,000 reactions of likes and about 9,400 retweets.

If the promise is true, the exchange platform will include Shiba Inu to your commercial listing on Tuesday. In fact, it is possible that the message on Twitter was a kind of advertising strategy to unofficially announce the incorporation of the token. Especially because of the growing requests from the community for Shiba Inu to adopt the token on different platforms.

The official account of Kraken I had already published another tweet earlier where he suggested in a joke that a large number of people were requesting the SHIB listing. SHIB’s group of holders has recently exceeded the 760,000 users, according to data shared by the Twitter of Shiba Inu, which makes the target of two thousand reactions quite small in comparison.

A handful of exchanges and trading platforms have chosen to incorporate the token amid the growing popularity. As reported DailyBitcoin, the exchange Coinbase listed SHIB in September, a move that at the time triggered the cryptocurrency meme’s price spike. Also the exchange Binance.US has adopted the token and this same monday Binance he did the same.

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However, not everyone has opened the door to the rival of Dogecoin (DOGE). The popular app Robin Hood, which saw a significant increase in its cryptocurrency service after listing DOGE earlier this year, has refused to incorporate Shiba Inu despite multiple user requests. A request for to list the canine cryptocurrency has managed to exceed 450,000 signatures.

Puppy Token in Times Square and Tesla rumors

The announcement of the possible listing in Kraken coincided with several notable news items that have boosted the price of SHIB. In addition to the incorporation of the SHIB / DOGE commercial list in the main platform of Binance, this Monday rumors have also spread that the electric car maker Tesla you might be considering adopting payments with Shiba Inu.

Sawyer Merritt, a well-known Twitter personality with more than 85,000 followers, revealed the alleged plans of Elon Musk’s company in a tweet. According to Merritt, the source code for the website of Tesla shows to Shiba Inu in the section “inspect element”During payment. He said, noting that he is neither a professional computer scientist nor does he own cryptocurrencies:

So it appears that the source code from the Tesla website shows SHIBA (aka $ SHIB) in the payment type section in the code when clicking ‘inspect item’ during checkout. However, it is not live.

One programmer responded by saying that the code in fact says that SHIB will be a payment option for Tesla. I am a coder and from what I can see it looks like $ SHIB is going to be part of the payment gateway when you choose ‘Crypto’ in the checkout processHendra.eth wrote.

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The rumors emerged after a giant advertisement for Shiba Inu in New York’s Times Square. We will soon reach the moon”, Reads the gigantic digital billboard next to the image of an animated puppy in a dress shirt and tie, imitating Wall Street investors of yesteryear.

Shiba Inu keeps rising in price

Meanwhile, the price of SHIB continues to skyrocket to new heights. The multiple announcements surrounding the meme-based cryptocurrency project Ethereum seem to be favoring the bullish rally. According to data from CryptoMarkets, the token Shiba Inu It has risen almost 10% in the last 24 hours to trade at $ 0.00007052.

Kraken hints at Shiba Inu listing, as token continues to rise amid Tesla rumors

The doggy cryptocurrency market, which includes tokens like SHIB, DOGE, and Floki inu, has seen an unusual price increase recently. Between everyone, Shiba Inu it is the one that has registered the most notable rebound. Last week, the coin hit an all-time price high of $ 0.00008, a bullish move that has pushed SHIB into the top ten of the major cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. SHIB has ranked No. 10 just above Dogecoin.

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