Kroos comes out in defense of Ancelotti: “Justice is not done”

Kroos sale en defensa de Ancelotti: "No se le hace justicia"

Tony Kroos granted a network interview television of Germany ZDF in which, in addition to talking about the Champions League final against Liverpool, surrendered to Carlo Ancelotti. From the point of view of the German midfielder, public opinion does not do justice to the work carried out by the technician italian in the Real Madrid, with which he can win his second Champions League as white coach after placing the Tenth in the windows of Bernabeu. Kroos spoke of the following topics:

Final: “In a Champions League final you give everything, especially considering that we had to give it all on more than one occasion to reach the final. Now we’re there and we want to win the cup, yes, all of us being aware of the great rival we’re up against”.

Season: “We found ourselves out on more than one occasion. It started in the round of 16 against PSG and it was no different in the quarters and semis. We we always believed but maybe the people outside He came to think on more than one occasion that we were out really”.

Ancelotti: “He already caught my attention with Heynckes. It is clear that they are another type of coach than Guardiola or Tuchel, for example, but It’s a shame what are they reduce the mere fact of being good wardrobe managers. I don’t think they are being done justice, they sound like they don’t know anything about tactics. Perhaps most of the time they opt for the least complicated path in terms of football, but they are very clear about how they want their teams to play, defend and attack. That aspect is not usually taken into account when talking about them.”

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Benzema: “It wasn’t easy to become an even better player. I’ve seen him for eight seasons in all kinds of different roles, not in other positions, but in terms of the jobs he did. There were times when I had to pull the cart with your goals and others where I used to look more towards your right and left. Cristiano scored 50 goals per season for you and Gareth was also on the left in his best years. Those two pillars fell on us. Others came like Vinicius or Rodrygo, who are developing very well, but we weren’t able to cover Cristiano’s 50 goals with just one player until Karim took on that role to perfection”.

Liverpool: “Honestly, I think the Liverpool it is best team than in 2018. They managed to retain their best players and signed a few more. Thiago sets the guidelines in midfield, at the back they are still very strong and I think, in terms of constancywere the best team in Europe this season. But it’s still just one game and you also have to take into account that we eliminated them last season in the quarter-finals. The thing is at 50%”.


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