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Apple Watch au poignet et soleil couchant

The next version of the Apple Watch would be called Series 8 if we stick to the scheme used by the Californian. It should appear in the fall, accompanying the new iPhone 14.

It obviously remains difficult at this stage to predict what will differentiate this Watch Series 8 from the Series 7. We hope for significant changes, given that last year’s generation had changed very little compared to that of 2020.

The temperature sensor, finally!

And precisely, it may well be that Apple spoils us this year with its watch. Indeed, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst with sources close to the Cupertino giant’s suppliers, the Series 8 would include a body temperature sensor.

It should therefore be possible to take this data from the wrist and save each measurement in Health. Thus, the follow-up of his body temperature would be made very simple thanks to a simplified grip, but also thanks to the history easily accessible from his iPhone or his watch.

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Hoping that the measurement is precise, we would then no longer need a thermometer or other utensil from the past to take our temperature, or even that of our children.

In addition, the coronavirus pandemic is still in effect this year. And the temperature is an important piece of data to precisely indicate a possible infection with COVID-19 in a person. Having a way to be alerted as soon as his temperature rises a little too high compared to normal could be very useful in anticipating the diagnosis. And so perhaps, put in place a more effective quarantine than after the appearance of the other symptoms.

Of course, a body temperature sensor on the Apple Watch would make life easier for patients with various diseases other than COVID-19.

The Apple Watch Series 7 would have missed it, just

Ming-Chi Kuo explains that Apple tried to include a body temperature sensor in the 2021 Series 7, but failed to do so in time due to technical difficulties. But the year 2022 should be, according to the specialist, the good one.

Remember that another sensor is eagerly awaited on the Apple Watch, the one allowing to raise blood sugar level. But for the moment, nothing seems to indicate a potential arrival of such a feature on the Apple Watch Series 8. If it already comes with this body temperature sensor, it would already be a great development.

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What do you think ? The body temperature sensor would be an argument to make you buy a Series 8?

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