Kuo announces two new MacBook Pros for late 2021

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Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most reliable Apple analysts around. He who works for TF International Securites often has the right information before anyone else when it comes to Apple. Its interventions are therefore scrutinized, and the information they reveal is taken with great seriousness and credibility. This week, he was the author of a new media release. He spoke, again, of the future of the MacBook Pro, which after the release of a model at the end of 2020, the first equipped with the M1 chip, other versions of the “premium” computer should see the light of day in the coming months.

Kuo indeed estimates that during this year 2021 Apple should put on the market two new models of MacBook Pro, they should be quite similar in substance and only their size could differentiate them, one being 14 inches and the other 16.

According to Kuo’s predictions, these new Apple laptops should sport the same contours as the iPhone 12 or the iPad Pro. “Flat edges” would indeed be the most likely to follow Apple’s artistic line. Another change announced by Kuo, the return of MagSafe on Macs. Then again, the change follows the same innovations that were made to the iPhone 12s in 2020.

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Apple has heard complaints from these users

But the biggest nuance, at least the one that is likely to be the most popular, is the departure of the Touch Bar in favor of the physical button. The latter should resume their place and their function in place of this band of OLED screens which was much criticized by users. But that’s not the only area where Apple seems to have heard complaints from its customers. The Cupertino company would indeed have planned to release a MacBook Pro with more ports than it had until then.

Kuo estimates with this arrival in numbers of various ports, of which he has not yet given the detailed list, it will be useless to have an adapter as is the case with the current MacBook Pro which has only a few ports. USB-C as the only means of connection.

An M1 or… M2 chip?

Regarding the processor at the heart of these new computers, if Kuo has not made any announcement on this subject, the M1 chip is the big favorite to come to equip these models. An improved version of this chip could also make its arrival in new Apple machines, but no information has yet been released on this subject. The two remaining hypotheses all as likely as the other.

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