“La Bebeshita” unleashes criticism for “harassment” of Aristeo Cázares

"La Bebeshita" unleashes criticism for "harassment" of Aristeo Cázares

Once again “La Bebeshita” has unleashed strong criticism on social networks after Aristeo Cázares returned to Venga la Alegría Weekend after passing through Exatlón All Star and was singled out for the closeness she tries to have with him, who usually ignores her or show their discomfort in this situation.

And it is that recently that was more than evident, since Daniela shared a video on her Instagram account where she appears dancing next to Cázares, who is reading a book and at no time does he turn to see her, not even to know what she is doing her.

In the material that lasts a few seconds, the host appears dancing ‘Here, here I have to give you and your friends so come’, in what appears to be Venga la Alegría’s break room. Aristeo appears sitting in the armchair reading, while she dances and despite the movements she makes, the sportsman does not take his attention away from her book.

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