La Rojita, leader despite the referee

La Rojita, líder a pesar del árbitro

As expected, Julen rested the most common players and started those who had added fewer minutes. It was time to see Quetglàs, Mahamadou, Álvaro, Mella… The latter, a Deportivo winger, was the man who shone the most in a somewhat thick first half. A grass in poor condition prevented the movement of the ball from being fluid. Serbia forced to score to ensure the pass to the quarterfinals, he put the pressure line high and that forced Spain to propose a more direct match, a match with spaces where Mella moves like a fish in water. So does Álvaro Ginés, Madrid striker, whose movements facilitated the internees of the two extremes, also those of Víctor Moreno, from Roda.

La Rojita did not suffer much in the first half, but despite getting closer to the area than Serbia, they did not finish creating a real dangerous chance. Yes, Spain got a big scare as soon as the second half started. A loss near the area meant that Milosevic was left alone against Quetglás, who became a giant and took a goal shot with his left foot. Julen did not like how his team came out after the break, somewhat lost, and made a triple change that gave him back control in the middle, with Gerard and Antonio as the new helms of the National Team. Spain lost depth, but had fewer problems at the back. At the central espnayolista Simo, always on duty, he acted as a fire extinguisher in case of emergency.

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A recovery in the opposite field by Pol Fortuny, very connected, caused a foul six meters from the area that would ultimately lead to the goal for Spain. Dani Rodríguez hung the ball into the area and the Serbian defense cleared to the top of the area, where Nick picked up the ball. The winger faced alongside him and placed the ball on his right leg, with which he hit the instep, dry, strong, straight to the long post. Great goal to celebrate that he was also turning 17. The goal unhinged Serbia, who was seen two minutes later with one less due to a disproportionate entry by Mijatovic, author of the foul that caused the goal of Spain, to Yusi.

Coat of Arms/Serbian Flag

Spain seemed to have the situation under control, but then the referee entered the scene, excessively protagonist throughout the meeting. Simo came with an advantage to a divided ball and was stumbled from behind by Miosvic. The referee interpreted the play backwards and He pointed out a penalty that the striker himself converted into a goal. There was no time for more, the tie leaves Spain as first and also classifies Serbia, which passes as second in the group.


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