Labor shortage would force Apple to increase its employees

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While he is not yet done with the shortage of components electronics, Apple must also manage the labor shortage currently affecting the United States. Although the Cupertino company enjoys good popularity on the job market, it fears that its employees will resign.

Indeed, among the consequences of the health crisis in the United States, there is a shortage of labor as well as a phenomenon called “The Great Resignation” which particularly affects the restaurant and trade professions. Faced with this risk, Apple would have decided to take out its checkbook, in order to offer a raise to certain employees of its physical stores.

A pay rise for Apple Store employees in the United States?

This is what is revealed by an article published recently by our colleagues from Bloomberg, who cite several sources. These increases would have been announced by Apple last week during meetings in its stores, or during private interviews with employees.

These increases, which would range from 2% to 10% (depending on the city and the position) would be intended for the technical support staff of the Genius Bars, salespeople, and certain hourly workers. The pay rises are said to be partly for people who worked at the company before the pandemic began, in a bid to align veteran staff with new hires.

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When Apple wants to keep its employees

Bloomberg notes that these increases are in addition to annual salary increases at Apple. And the firm would like to offer other benefits, such as paid leave for certain categories of workers who did not benefit from it, more sick leave, or even childcare benefits.

In September, Apple would have already announced a bonus of 1,000 dollars for employees who joined the group before March 31. And moreover, the firm also fearing that engineers would leave it to join Meta or other companies in Silicon Valley, it would have offered bonuses of up to 180,000 dollars to certain important employees.

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