Lack of kisses causes illness

Lack of kisses causes illness

Showing love is necessary. It is the reflection of the privacy that exists between two people, this shows how you feel towards the other person and emotions are shared.

We are going to do all of this through KissesBut what happens now when kissing and physical contact seems to be a health risk?

A kiss has the power to release hormones that activate your senses and they generate happiness. According to Sylvia de Bejar, a specialist in couples relations, to Collective Culture, people who kiss in the morning perform better in their daily activities. They are in a better mood and are better able to overcome any upset.

Kissing helps to avoid diseases and positively activates your senses.

Stopping kissing gives way to a feeling of coldness and sadness, which can cause depression.

The kisses will have to wait

Francisco Peinado Ibarra, head of the Urology Service of the Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital Complex, in Madrid, Spain, reported that “No evidence” that the coronavirus is present in semen or vaginal fluids. In any case, bet on avoiding kissing during sexual intercourse.

This is because the virus spreads mainly from person to person through the respiratory droplets from an infected person when cough, sneeze or speak very closely. These droplets can fall on the mouth or nose of people who are close to or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.

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Kissing is a very common practice during intercourse, and the virus will be transmitted through saliva. Kissing with someone is, logically, the riskiest” Explains the doctor.


Another precaution to take is washing hands before any sexual intercourse.

Today, any sexual practice or contact can pose a risk of infection. “If you or your partner have the Covid-19, the advice is that hygiene measures are isolated and extreme with continuous hand washing, do not share the bathroom or any material in common use and logically not having sex”, summarizes.

The specialist’s recommendation is that you only interact with people for things that are essential. “If we have just met a new couple, it is important to keep the above precautions. maybe it is better to wait for this period to pass before having physical contact”He warns as the best option.

Not having physical contact does not mean that we cannot demonstrate, more than ever, that we are there for the other person. Fill her with affection with beautiful words and acts that surprise her. It is a good time to strengthen relationships in these uncertain times.

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