Large Etheteum and altcoin miners could benefit from this 900W GPU

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An opportunity presents itself to the large miners of alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH). Nvidia, the hardware giant, would be testing a graphics card (GPU) with an electrical consumption never seen before in terms of hardware used for, among other things, mining.

information filtered by Username which is usually referenced in the press gaming and of hardware, let it be known that there is a test model of an RTX 40 series video card (unidentified) with a power consumption of 900 W, which would be outperforming the most anticipated GPU in that range, the RTX 4090, whose consumption would be 600 W, according to the informant.

The user, who calls himself @Kopite7kimi on Twitter, details that this video card is a variant of those manufactured with the Ada AD102 GPU chip, which has a CUDA core and 48 GB GDDR6X memory. This is double the speed and capacity of the expected RTX 4090 and the already available RTX 3090 Ti.


Large Etheteum and altcoin miners could benefit from this 900W GPU

This last factor is important, since it is the one that increases the response speed of the hardware, which could favor cryptocurrency mining like Ethereum, where higher memory gives more opportunities for profitability when mining.

It is good to clarify that Nvidia’s RTX 40 series of graphics cards are not officially on the market, nor are they specified by the US company.and. Everything that is known about this product has its origin in public reports, posted on social networks by an internal informant of the company, who is referred by specialized media.

Large Etheteum and altcoin miners could benefit from this 900W GPU
@kopite7kimi, a data leaker highly reviewed by the gaming and hardware press, advanced the details of what would be an RTX 40 series graphics card with 900 W of consumption. Source: kopite7kimi/

Would it be difficult to mine at home with this GPU?

Due to its power, it could be thought that the 900 W RTX 40 is not a product designed for cryptocurrency mining from a house or an apartment, due to the energy cost that it would generate at the end of a day.


Large Etheteum and altcoin miners could benefit from this 900W GPU

6 of these GPUs running, for example, would be consuming about 5,400 W on average. That’s more than a mining ASIC needs. Bitcoinbut with different gains.

Due to this consumption, it would be necessary to incorporate refrigeration systems, so that cards are not overheated and damaged for that reason. This, logically, merits an added price that could impact the amount obtained by mining, again, with 6 of these GPUs mining from a residence.

On the other hand, and if it is mined at an industrial level, benefits could be seen for the investor, based on the fact that there are places where you can mine with affordable electricity costs. This, in addition to the fact that they would be more likely to hire specialized services in refrigeration and equipment maintenance.

For this reason, and as was said at the beginning, with this Nvidia GPU An opportunity would be opening up for the big cryptocurrency miners, that they can invest in these products and put them to work on a large scale, offsetting energy and operating costs with the profits that these hardware can make.

against the clock

Although the arrival of this GPU is a milestone for mining, it must be remembered that many of the miners are dedicated to Ethereum. This is the network that, among all the altcoins, provides the most profitability. But it is about to abandon Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining, so GPUs will no longer be usable.

This scenario is about a year away, but before that, events will occur, such as the explosion of the difficulty bomb, which will begin to limit Ethereum mining with GPUs from then on.

It will be then when miners could start migrating to other cryptocurrencies that, like Ethereum, can leave a good profit. In fact, in this CriptoNoticias article we tell you which are the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine with GPU.

The movement to other projects has already been predicted and, therefore, other chains, such as Ethereum Classic, already offer miners the possibility of participating and obtaining relevant profits.

And it is so much so that large mining pools, such as Poolin, accepted the Ethereum Classic project, being able to mine that coin right now, derived from Ethereum and that differs by the immutability of its chain.

There are large-scale Ethereum miners

The 900 W RTX 40 GPU, if its existence is confirmed, would have a niche market created around miners. Right now there are operators with companies established in various parts of the world, with a business model focused on mining activity. In CriptoNoticias we have talked about them.

An example is Abiezer Ventura, a Salvadoran miner who, from his country, is dedicated to mining Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on a large scale, using self-sustaining energy. He was contacted by CriptoNoticias for this report.

Large Etheteum and altcoin miners could benefit from this 900W GPU
GPU mining already has an industrial presence in several countries. Source:

Another example is the company Satoshi Spain, which we are talking about in this news. This company, which operates with solar energy, has an Ethereum mining farm installed, with several interconnected rigs and operating around the clock. It is an organization that, at the same time, is dedicated to the sale of these mining infrastructures.

So, and if the arrival of this RTX 40 with 900 W materializesthe big Ethereum miners will have an open window to take advantage and squeeze all the profitability that this chain is able to offer before migration, making use of a machinery that is emerging as the heaviest among its peers.

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