LAS PALMAS 1 – TENERIFE 2 Tenerife was right

LAS PALMAS 1 - TENERIFE 2 Tenerife was right

Tenerife, paying attention to its anthem, goes ahead. In this 180-minute match, which today saw its second half in Gran Canaria, Ramis’s team confirmed the superiority of their style in this fratricidal duel, always effective, perhaps such a respectable way of “playing well”. Las Palmas, powerless, could not climb the blue and white stockade. Behind, stationed, Enric Gallego acted as a sniper, whose double finished certifying the classification of his team.

Not even in their wildest dreams did Tenerife visualize such a placid first half like the one tonight at the Gran Canaria Stadium. Barely one minute of the match had been played when Gallego scored a clear scoring chance after a semi-miss shot without any difficulties for Valles.

The visiting team had come out much more intense, and two fouls in just two minutes. Ramis’s team found their prize very soon, barely in the fourth minute, when a header from Gallego, after a call from Valles himself, meekly slipped into the Las Palmas goal before the desperate clearance of Navas, who took the ball from within, as the VAR was in charge of clarifying the negligent González Esteban.

Perhaps overwhelmed by the tremendous atmosphere that was lived in her house, Las Palmas’ first chance did not come until the 8th minute, through Moleiro. Then yes it began to be fulfilled the expected script, with UD rocking the ball and Tenerife well settled in the back but defending perfectly, beating any yellow midfielder who tried to make sense of the game at first. In any case, no trace of local danger no matter how many possessions he accumulated, completely sterile.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

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González Esteban took the first yellow card from Aitor Sanz in the 20th minute, forgiving him others before and after, nor that the referees had an order to let more play than expected in these playoffs. Be that as it may, Las Palmas continued without making Soriano feel insecure who did not stop his first ball, and in a more than simple way, until the half hour duel after a weak header from Rober.

Again Moleiro was able to equalize, but found himself opposed by Moore when he had a shot from close range. Las Palmas began to lock up Tenerife, circling several times with the goal, when in just five minutes the Gran Canaria tragedy was chewed. First Jonathan Viera was injured, impossible to continue with those muscle problems in his right leg, and already in the discount Navas unleashed an elbow straight to Mollejo’s face. After passing through the VAR, the aforementioned penalty ended up being transformed again by Enric Gallego, although Valles touched the ball before that 0-2 arrived which, barring a miracle, sentenced the tie.

And yes, he sentenced her. Nor did Las Palmas have Jesé, who disappeared in the first half, perhaps due to those physical discomforts that made his change inevitable. The locals felt powerless despite the fact that they left the locker room with better feelings, as Ramis’s host continued to achieve their goal that nothing would happen.

Shield/Flag Tenerife

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In this way, nothing happened, playing what Ramis wanted, until Curbelo drilled Soriano’s goal, with a powerful header, in the 71st minute from a corner. Las Palmas went for the tie with much more heart than head. You never know what would have happened, such are the dystopias that each one makes, but he could have achieved it if the clear penalty from Soriano to Mujica in a clearance, which neither the referee nor the VAR had to signal, or at least suggest the person in charge of technology, Pérez Pallás, that it was verified, it would have been indicated as such. Decisions like this, of course, give reason to those who criticize the introduction of this fantastic technology in the arbitration universe, always so hermetic, lest they be wrong.

In any case, the party was dying little by little giving the reason to Tenerife. In his style, he subdued the Las Palmas lyric, just the winner of a tie in which, in addition, he won both games. The formation of Gran Canaria was emptied in search of an impossible, perhaps falling with its head held high, without the right to reproach for having given everything. Nothing to object to the classification of Tenerife that, simply, was better. That’s how football is. This is life.

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Maikel Table (41′, Jonathan Viera), Benito Ramirez (45′, Jesse), Andres Martin (59′, Mario Gonzalez), orchards (59′, Alex Bermejo), Rafa Mujica (64′, Robert Gonzalez), Alex Suarez (71′, Raul Navas), Pejino (71′, Alberto Moleiro), Elady (76′, Victor Mollejo), Michel (79′, Enric Gallego), Sipcic (80′, Alex Corredera)


0-1, 3′: Enrique Gallego0-2, 50′: Enrique Gallego1-2, 70′: Curbelo


Referee: Jon Ander González Esteban
VAR Referee: David Pérez Pallas
Aitor Sanz (20′, Yellow) Jonathan Vera (30′, Yellow) Raul Navas (49′, Yellow) Enrique Gallego (71′, Yellow) orchards (92′, Yellow) Pejino (95′, Red


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