Las Palmas stars in its best streak of the 21st century

Los jugadores de la UD Las Palmas celebran un gol.

There is no doubt that UD Las Palmas is on a roll, the eight games they have been undefeated and the sum of 20 of the last 24 points serve as testimony. García Pimienta’s men, therefore, average 2.5 points per game in this section. As a fictional game, projecting this amount to 42 games would place Las Palmas with 105 points, which demonstrates the titanic moment of results in which it is immersed.

Despite not having reached the land of promotion, the final objective of the fight for the yellows, and still with three games to go before the end of the match, one could affirm the history of the streak.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

Those 20 of 24 points without being something foreign to his history, it is not common every year and, in fact, it is becoming less common. If we value with three points the victories since the beginning of time. This is the thirty-fifth time that the yellows have reached twenty points in eight games. Nevertheless, It should be noted that in 60% of the cases —21 times— they occurred between 1992 and 1996years in which Las Palmas played in Second B.

Thus, the remaining 14 were achieved 2 in the First Division, in the 54-55 and 64-65 seasons. But with asterisks. On both occasions it would be the opening days of the League, against Atlético and Barcelona, however, the yellows played the previous seven games in the Second Division at 53-54 and 63-64 and served to reach the elite.

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The twelve occasions in which they occurred with all the days in the silver category are concentrated in eight seasons of the 31 that Las Palmas has played in Second. It must be taken into account that in the aforementioned 53-54, it happened twice, and 63-64, in three. In 91-92 the streak was also repeated. In all these cases, as is logical, matches overlapped, as in 53-54, days 28 and 29 or in 91-92, days 18 and 20.

The other seasons in which it happened were in 61-62, in 84-85, in 99-00 and in 12-13. The only time it had happened in this century until this very season. And that was the streak that catapulted Sergio Lobera’s men, going on matchday 9 from being in 20th position with 6 points to 8 games after placing seventh with 26.

As a curiosity, assigning three points to victories, every time that Las Palmas managed two or more chances throughout a league to add 20 of the previous 24 points in dispute in one day, they changed category. Twice it went up and once it went down.


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