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macOS 12.1 RC 2

Apple has just made available to developers a new advanced edition of macOS Monterey, numbered 12.1, while it was already thought to have a finalized version on Wednesday. However, we don’t know what more it contains, but the time between the two versions being relatively small it is probably due to security fixes or bug fixes.

Since this is a version release candidate, we are aiming for macOS 12.1 to be released to the general public by next week. Most often, it’s Tuesday that Apple chooses to release its updates. It was this date that saw Monterey arrive for the first time on headed computers.

iOS 15.2 RC 2

On the same day as macOS 12.1 RC 2, Apple also rolled out a second RC for iOS 15.2 which can be installed by those enrolled in the Apple Developer Beta program. No additional functionality seems to be involved here either, a sign that a few holes in the system may have been detected just after RC 1.

This version, it will be remembered, brings several welcome changes to the iPhone which is equipped with it. Their users have in particular the possibility of knowing when their device has been repaired, and if it has been repaired with components whose origin is validated by Apple. To learn more about the other improvements in iOS 15.2, go right here in our article dedicated to RC 1.

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iPadOS 15.2 RC 2

Finally, Apple has also put online the second RC of iPadOS 15.2 which, to put it simply, is a variation for large screen of iOS. Tablets do indeed count on most of the same advantages, sometimes with a few more options but which do not seem to be covered here.

Of course, let’s also remember that it is important to know the risks when installing a beta. This can cause technical problems that can seriously slow down the system or degrade its experience, which therefore encourages you to download it only on equipment dedicated specifically to this type of test.

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