Latasa, maybe the third

Latasa, tal vez a la tercera

Latasa can live today the day he has been waiting for since he was a child: debut with Real Madrid. In his head all these months there has been only one way to meet the challenge, work and wait; wait whatever it takes. Until an opportunity arrived that, today in Cádiz, seems clearer than ever. With the 35th League in the showcases, Madrid is facing this final stretch with a relaxation that allows it to open the door to less usual players. Ancelotti is betting on a mixture of ‘substitutes’ and starters that allows everyone to be plugged in until Paris. She doesn’t want scares, but she doesn’t want relaxation either.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

And in that tandem there is a key factor: neither Benzema nor Jovic will be in the New Mirandilla. The Frenchman received yesterday the day off and Carletto confirmed that he will not make him travel, so that he can recharge batteries in Madrid to play the last test against Betis. The Serbian is muscular discomfort. Thus, in the call there are only two center forwards: Mariano and Latasa. The ownership, on paper, will be for the Premiá de Mar player, apparently recovered from those ailments that made him fall out of the eleven just before the derby.

But Latasa opens the door to have minutes in the second half. In fact, since the alirón Ancelotti has already made two of the quarry play: Gilaagainst Espanyol and Peterlast day against Levante. Both left very good feelings. The trend of giving minutes to promises of La Fábrica is becoming routine and the next could be the killer of the subsidiaryquoted with the elders despite the fact that Castilla, this Sunday, will play their -possibly- last bullet to get hooked on the playoff.

Latasa falls after a clash with Dani Torres, a CD Castellón player.

debut to the third

This has been his third call to go with the ‘elders’. The first was at the beginning of February, against Granada, in the only game of the entire season in which Benzema and Vinicius were left out of the squad at the same time. Karim was injured and came, sanctioned. That night the chosen one, even ahead of Jovic, was Isco of false nine. His second call was a few weeks ago, during a visit to El Sadar. The injuries to Jovic and Mariano made Ancelotti have to look home to recruit a second striker who… He didn’t get to play either. Today, in Cádiz, he has more ballots than ever.

Latasa comes to the bench on the day of his first call-up with the first team, on February 6, 2022 against Granada (1-0).

A left-hander of 1.92 meters

Latasa is what would be considered a striker from old football, a pure 9inhabitant of the area and with powerful aerial game. His height supports him: 1.92 meters. At Castilla he enjoys Raúl’s total confidence, being the fourth player on the squad with the most minutes so far this season (2,287′). He was part of the brilliant generation that lifted the Youth League in 2020. Carries 12 goals this course; marks every 190 minutes. He’s lefthanded, with a lot of character and personality to shoot even penalties. to their 21 years, has been international U-20 and U-19; he has a white contract until 2024.


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