Latest news from The House of Famous 2

Latest news from The House of Famous 2

The participants of the second season of the reality show La Casa de los Famosos show once again that they are the most controversial, after they were romantic, making jokes and even putting together a real war of the sexes, which will give something to talk about.

Ivonne, Eduardo and Daniella star in a love story in which clearly one is left over. Apparently, the actor has feelings for Daniella, although he also had a very close relationship with Montero for a long time and she made that clear in the confessional.

After the passionate kiss that they starred in, the Mexican imitated the Peruvian in a very funny way and his companions not only laughed, but also assured that it came out “very well”.

The Brazilian actress spoke with Lewis Mendoza and confessed that when she was only eleven years old she was diagnosed with a deep depression that forced her to enter a psychiatric hospital.

For this reason, she currently prioritizes her mental health and constantly tries to maintain an emotional balance that allows her to face all her work commitments.

It seems that in this season the men decided to face the women and they already realized it. That’s why they talked and agreed to be careful what they say in front of their peers because they could use that to their advantage.

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