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During the Worldwide Developer Conference which has just ended, Apple presented a new version of its OS for cars, CarPlay. With a particularly striking result which proves that the software is not only capable of adapting to all types of dashboards (even with several screens) but also of controlling the vehicle. Air conditioning, fuel gauge or speedometer among others.

For Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), this would therefore be a clear sign that the Titan project is still on the way. Under this code name would hide an electric and driverless car signed Apple, but which according to the journalist should not see the light of day before 2025 about. It could then be, still according to the American, a real competitor to the models currently marketed by Tesla.

End of slowdowns

Recently, however, we heard that the Apple Car was on hiatus due to several organizational issues in the program team. Several reasons were cited to explain this phenomenon, including the departure of key employees or the difficulty for management to carry out production. And for good reason: the choice of subcontractors would be complicated.

However, the new information from Gurman is intended reassuring, because for him the arrival of Kevin Lynch at the head of the Titan project would have made it possible to quickly accelerate the work. While previously it was not uncommon for the Apple to miss its deadlines, the one who also advanced the Apple Watch would thus have taken over the reins successfully. One of his “lieutenants” having also developed the watch seems to have joined him for the occasion.

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Design at the heart of reflection

If the suppliers are therefore a major issue in this file, the appearance of the Apple Car would also occupy the time of a good number of thinking heads like Duncan Taylor, who has already been seen in the interior design of the cars. Aston Martin. Pete Jolley, an engineer who also worked for the English manufacturer, would work with him alongside Steve MacManus (Tesla) and Manfred Harrer (Porsche).

All these beautiful people therefore announce only good things for the Cupertino car, which will probably honor the reputation of its manufacturer acquired with other iconic products such as the MacBook Air.

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