Laura Bozzo appreciates the support of her followers posing in a swimsuit

Laura Bozzo agradece el apoyo de sus seguidores posando en traje de baño

From Acapulco and in a bathing suit, the driver expressed her gratitude to all those people who have remained by her side through thick and thin

After Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto filed a lawsuit with the Mexican authorities for defamation against Laura Bozzo, the television host thanked her fans for their support with a photograph in which she posed in a swimsuit.

For the 69-year-old communicator, there is no better sign to show that she is moving forward than hearing the barking of dogs; This was made known in one of her most recent publications within her official Instagram account, where she expressed her gratitude to all those people who have remained by her side through thick and thin.

In the image, Bozzo She appears sitting on the edge of a pool wearing an animal print one-piece swimsuit, with which she assured herself she is in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Acapulco:

Thank you all for your support, I send you blessings and nothing is more certain what is for you even if you take off and what is not even if you wear 🔥 the dogs bark, a signal that we are moving forward“, wrote.

The image that so far has received about 8 thousand red hearts, also accumulated some expressions of affection, where his followers let him know that he has their unconditional support.

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This is not the first time Laura he boasts his love for the Mexican coast that he considers his second home and where he would like to stay even after death.

Blessings for all from my home Acapulco, pride of MEXICO for the world and my daughters know it, when I die here my ashes will remain. I love you thank God for so many blessings“Was how he described a clip in which he is seen walking aboard a yacht while listening to the song“ María Bonita ”by the Mexican composer in the background Agustin Lara.


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