Laura Bozzo breaks the silence after demand from her former Cristian Suárez

Laura Bozzo rompe el silencio tras demanda de su ex Cristian Suárez

Although the separation was made a long time ago, the scandal returned to the scene with crossed denunciations of violence and a millionaire claim by Suárez

In the last days, Laura Bozzo -one of the most important drivers in Latin America- made headlines for her conflictive separation with her partner, the Argentine Cristian Suarez. This afternoon, and after strong complaints from his ex, the Peruvian star broke the silence in “Confronted” and accused the man of “extortion” and “treason”.

Although the separation was made a long time ago, the scandal returned to the scene with crossed denunciations of violence and a millionaire claim by Suárez. While the singer claims that Bozzo was aggressive and ran him around his house with a knife, the driver warns that he was the violent one and that he will sue him for slander, insult and extortion.

Represented by Fernando Burlando, the women’s lawyer and defender clarified that she will initiate three lawsuits, one in Argentina, one in Mexico and another in the United States, since her ex threatens her with publishing compromising photos and videos. “I am horrified to see how this person who slanders and insults is accommodated. Violating a person’s right to privacy is the worst violence one can experience, ”Bozzo began in a telephone communication with the elnueve cycle.

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Regarding their 17 years of relationship, he assured that they were never married. “He lived in my house as a guest. I paid for electricity, water, clothes. I never married him, We had a very toxic relationship where he cheated on me more than once. I have a lot of evidence of that, but they will go to justiceShe pointed out annoyed.

Regarding the reasons why their relationship ended, he explained: “I wanted to end this in the best way. In 2016, her brothers recorded me at a party at a hotel where I was drunk. And yes, I like to drink at a party, what is the problem? But he had prepared all this to extort me. He made me a bed to have material to later be able to extort money. He always did, for years. Always threatened me

“Violating a person’s privacy is like violating their freedom, so not only the people who have leaked these images but the media that have participated in their dissemination will be prosecuted,” she added furiously. While assuring that they had “a 17-year relationship with problems like all”, Bozzo clarified: “We were both at fault. I am not a saint but my relationship with Cristian ends when they sold those images. ”

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After confessing the disappointment he felt upon learning of all this, he revealed: “After so many years I loved him very much. He was a very important person in my life. So all of this breaks my heart. But I have always been a promoter of all women raising our voices, speaking, not remaining silent. And I cannot allow this. I have nothing against him, I love his daughter very much, my daughter loves him and it is a shame to end up like this ”.

Regarding the accusations of his ex about beating him, he warned: “When there is violence, at the moment it is denounced. You will not be for so many years with someone who is violent. The first day you send it to the chingada, as it is said here in Mexico. I want to see where the complaint is. ” And immediately, he also made reference to the economic claim: “If you think you have any right, you go to court and claim it. Do not extort money and say: ‘If you don’t give me so much money, I will take this from you’ (.). Nothing corresponds to him, especially when he never collaborated in my house“He assured.

“I knew that he permanently recorded me. People I trust have recorded it recording me, I have a lot of material. But this is the first and last time in my life that I am going to speak, because for me that man is dead. He cheated on me not only for years, not just with the lady he’s married to now, but with a huge list“He stressed.

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Finally, and not wanting to continue talking, Bozzo was mortified for not having noticed before with the kind of person who was sharing his life. “I have no anger against him, all of this breaks my heart. It is more the pain of having been so stupid and sleeping with the enemy for so long, “she concluded.


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