Laura G confessed that she was in prison

Laura G confessed that she was in prison

Once again, a member of the morning Venga la Alegría became a topic of conversation on social networks, after “El Capi” Pérez was in charge of bringing to light that he was in prison.

It was in the section “The secret, deadly, gossipy, insolent and death files”, where the comedian questioned Laura G, who confessed that in her youth she was a party girl and liked to drink alcoholic beverages.

“Is it true that an accident put Laura G behind bars?”“El Capi” questioned the presenter, who before answering the question, accepted that from 20 to 30 years old she was “very partying, traveling, infatuated and everything” and later confirmed that she went to prison after an accident.

“I went to a party on January 9 and I missed the drinks. (I was) responsible drunk, (because) I was already in my room ready to go to sleep. And a friend talks to me and says, ‘what’s up, Lau I’m really sick, can you come get me?’ And there I go for her, the problem was that I was worse, but it was still for her, I left her at her house and I didn’t get to mine anymore “counted.

The presenter did not get home, because she crashed in front of a church, for which many people believed she was dead, and ended up in the hospital.

“I crashed in front of a very famous church, the car turned over and people said, ‘she’s dead’, there was a lot of blood. I got out, I passed out, they took me to the hospital. do you feel?’ (I said) I’m fine, thank you very much for asking”I continue.

After saying that she was fine, the uniformed men handcuffed her and took her to the separations, from where she left until her parents arrived from Monterrey, because none of her friends answered the phone to help her.

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